How To Create Professional Email Address In cPanel


While owning a small online business or blog, we need to create professional email address for our business. One professional email address will look something different than the usual email address. Usual email address will look like [email protected]

But, a professional email address will look like [email protected] Replace the with your own domain. In our case, our official email address is [email protected]. in this post, we will show you how can you create professional email address using cPanel. So, let’s start.

How To Create Professional Email Address?

First of all, simply log in to your cPanel.

Create Professional Email Address

Now, select email accounts section from there.

email accounts cpanel

You can see the option for creating a new email account there.

email account setuo

Now, you need to fill those details there for creating your new email account.

create professional email address free

Make sure that you have selected Mailbox Quota as unlimited. After that click on create account. A few seconds later, you can see a success message on the screen.

email account created

This is how you Create Professional Email Address using the power of cPanel. Some web hosting providers will support unlimited email accounts on their cPanel. But, some of them will allow only below 10. If you need more than 10 email accounts, you need to upgrade your hosting package then.

Do You Really Need To Create Professional Email Address?

Professional email addresses will help you to build trust on market and the customers will trust you. While owning a business or blog online, you need a professional email address.

Any Alternatives?

You can use Google’s business email hosting service called G Suite for creating business emails. We highly recommend G Suite for all our clients. Like cPanel email accounts, G Suite isn’t free.

You need to pay 150INR ($3) a month for hosting your own business email. On the basic plan, you will get 30GB cloud space!

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