How To Check Malware On Websites For Free

Are you wondering how can you Check Malware On Websites? There is a free way available. In this post, we will show you that how can you Check Malware On Websites online without any registration or login. This is an important part while you own an online business. If your website is affected by any kind malware, your visitors will leave your website and you will lose your ranking. Also, Google hates it. So, let’s start.

First of all, go to Sucuri Sitecheck.

Check Malware On Websites

Now, you need to enter the domain name there and click on scan website.

sucuri scanner

After few seconds, the server will show the scan result.

sucuri sitecheck

Looks like our website is clean and not containing any virus. Now, I am going to check one of the famous nulled WordPress theme providing website. Simply entered the URL and scanned that website. The scan results say,

nulled themes malware

That’s why I said avoid nulled WordPress theme.

This is how you can Check Malware On Websites for absolutely free. using this method, you can check malware on unlimited websites.

Do You Really Need Check Malware On Websites

These days, most of us are owning a website or blog, checking the malware status of a website will help you to be safer in always. If you are running an eCommerce website, your clients need to be safe. If you find any malware on your website, you need to clean it ASAP.


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