Is The Iron Man Arc Reactor Powering Up Stark Tower

We all saw Marvel’s Iron Man movie, After watching the film, most of us became huge fans of tony stark and his suit. We really loved it. By the way, let’s look at the behind scenes in this movie. You know what is Stark Tower and the technology tony stark used in the project. Most of us don’t know that the Iron Man Arc reactor Powering Up Stark Tower.

Iron Man Arc reactor Powering Up Stark Tower

Really Iron Man Arc Reactor Powering Up Stark Tower?

Wait, I am not talking about the small one that tony stark holds on his chest. I am talking about the Arc reactor that he keeps in the base of the iconic tower. But the fact is, this topic ‘Iron Man Arc Tower Powering Up Stark Tower’ is not mentioned in comics.

In the film, the large arc reactor came first. Howard Stark (Tony’s father) designed the clean power source. But, they were planning to supply power to New York using the Arc Reactor technology.

At the end of the move, tony stark used the large arc reactor to defeat the villain of the movie Obadiah Stane. The final fight is very thrilling. Tony tells Pepper Potts to overload the Arc Reactor. At that time, the arc reactor generates a pulse that is strong enough to break stane’s armor. At that night, the large reactor also destroyed. Stark Tower become the Avengers tower after the fight in New York, And, Stark continues to use the power just like a clean power source.

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