Why Using Facebook Bot Site Is A Bad Idea

Most of us are using Facebook bot these days. But, are they really safe? In this post, we will show you that why should you avoid Facebook bot site. You need to realize that Using Facebook bot site is a bad idea.

Facebook Bot Site Is A Bad Idea

Really Facebook Bot Site Is A Bad Idea?

Everyone knows that for activating bot in your Facebook account, you need to generate token first. BTW, the Facebook access token really acts as a password for your account. If you give access to that token to any third-party website or people, your Facebook account is in trouble.

Do you know the behind scenes of a Facebook bot site? While you submit your token on the website front end, a text file contains your access token is generating in the backend. very successful token submissions are saving in the folder.

So, the website administrator can access your Facebook bot site without your permission or without knowing your user password. We highly recommend that don’t use public Facebook bot sites. really¬†Facebook Bot Site Is A Bad Idea. If you need to be secure, you can create your own Facebook bot. This will help you to be safer.

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