Why Sharing Facebook Access Token Is A Bad Idea

We have shown you different methods to generate the Facebook access token. If you haven’t seen that posts, check our guide Generate Facebook access token using the token script and generate Access token without using any website. Facebook access token aka Facebook developers token is a must need thing these days. But sharing the Sharing Facebook Access Token Is A Bad Idea. We will show you why.

Sharing Facebook Access Token Is A Bad Idea

Really Sharing Facebook Access Token Is A Bad Idea?

Yes, it is. Most of are using Facebook auto liker websites these days. Also, for activating the Facebook bot system, an access token is required. But, how the system knows your entire profile using the access token?

The Facebook access token is a unique code. It acts as your Facebook password. Sharing this access token will help hackers to get access to your account. In simple words, your Facebook account will be hacked.

Most folks are using a phishing website to hack user’s Facebook accounts. Through this method, the website administrator will get your Facebook username and password. But, in the same hand, they can hack into your Facebook account using your Facebook access token without knowing your password or username.

Let’s look at the behind scenes of a Facebook auto liker or Facebook bot sites. On the backend, there will be a folder for saving the access token. While saving your access token on the front-end, it will save on the backend. The website administrator can access it anytime without letting you know. We will not show you how. Because most folks are looking for a simple way to hack Facebook account!

If you don’t believe, simply generate a Facebook access token now and check it using the Facebook access token debugger. You will get your entire account details on that page.

facebook access token debugger

How To Prevent This?

Simple. Don’t use Facebook auto liker websites. If you need to use it, you can create your own Facebook auto liker website or you can use your own Facebook bot site. We will not recommend using public bot sites.

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