What Is Facebook Bot And How To Use It

We have shared so many Facebook bot scripts and related stuff here. But, some beginners don’t know What Is Facebook Bot and how to use it. In this post, we will explain what it is and should you use it on your account.

What Is Facebook Bot

What Is Facebook Bot?

The Facebook bot is a robotic system that will help you to automate your Facebook profile. Right now, so many Facebook accounts are using it and increasing their social presence. Activating Facebook bot will like all the updates that go through your news feed. probably, this will help you to increase your Facebook followers and likes.

How To Activate It?

There are so many Facebook bot sites are available on the Internet. At this time, we are not going to link any website to this post. The reason is below. All you need to do for activating your Facebook bot is an access token. You can generate access token without a website or by using this access token script. After generating an access token, simply install it on the Facebook bot site. Within 2 minutes (according to cronjob) your Facebook account will start to send likes to your following list.

Do I Really Need To Use It?

If you don’t care about your Facebook account, simply use it. Like I said above, for activating Facebook bot on your account, you need to generate an access token. The access token will act as a password for your account. If you send/ insert it any other website that controlled by a hacker or spammer, he can access your account without knowing the exact password.

We have seen that so many Facebook accounts are getting blocked by using this function. We hope you understand What Is Facebook Bot and its after-effects. The account’s security is in your hands.

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