How To Set CronJob For Your Facebook Bot Site


Most of us know that a Facebook botĀ site won’t run withoutĀ setting up a cronjob on it. In this tutorial, we will show you that how can you set cronjob for your Facebook bot site.

Here, we are using a free cron job provider called For setting up your first cronjob, go to

If it’s your first-time visit, then you don’t have an account there yet. Click on signup to create your account on the website.

After creating your account, simply log in to the system. It will redirect you to your account dashboard.

All we need to do next is, create a new cronjob for our website. For that, you need to click on the cronjobs menu from the top menu.

There, you can see all available cronjobs. In my case, I have 2 cronjobs available here. But for you, it won’t be there. For creating your first cronjob, click on the create cronjob button.

After that, name your cronjob. Also, you need to enter the URL of the script to run. If you don’t have a Facebook script yet, download ours.

Now, you need to enter the cronjob interval there. I would recommend you set your cronjob interval as 1 minute. But, it’s really up to you.

After that simply click on the create cronjob button. This will help you to set cronjob for your Facebook bot site. Every cronjob that you added to this website will run automatically. You don’t need to do anything else.

Do I Really Need To Set Cronjob

Like I said in the beginning, Facebook bot sites won’t work without setting up a cronjob on it. According to your specific Facebook bot script, the path and file maybe vary. But, the method is same.

In the other hand, you can use web cronjobs script or easy cronjob web handler script for creating your own cronjob website. It will help you to run unlimited cronjobs without relying on third-party cronjob websites.

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