How To Make Facebook Reaction Bot In Free Hosting

We have just shared the Facebook reaction bot script here at TricksFlare. Last day, one of our users asked that how to make Facebook reaction bot in free hosting. In this post, we will cover it. If you don’t know how to build one, simply follow our step by step guide.

As a free web hosting, you can choose Googiehost, VimlyHost, ProFreeHost or InfinityFree. In our case, we have chosen GoogieHost.

How To Make Facebook Reaction Bot?

First of all, you need to go to cPanel and file manager.

cpanel file manager

Go to the public_html folder and upload the script there.

public html folder

Make sure that you have extracted the zip file.

files exracted public html folder

So, we have successfully uploaded the script. Like other scrips, it is not a plug and play script. You need to setup Database for working this script. Select MySQL Database section from cPanel.

mysql database

Now, create a new database there.

create database

After creating a new database, you need to create a user there.

create a user

After creating both Database and user, you need to add the user to the database.

add user to database

Give all privileges to the user there and save changes.

user coontrols

That was easy. Now, you need to set up this database for your reaction bot site. Simply go back to your website file manager and edit the config file.

edit config file

Enter your Database credentials there and save the file.

database config

After saving the file, you are good to go. Simply access your website from front-end. You can only use cookies for this bot script. If you have a token, you need to convert it into the cookie.

On the other hand, you can generate cookies using this guide.

Like I said, this script will run on every free and paid web hosting. If you need to get the best support, you need to choose any paid web hosting. If you are looking for a cheap paid hosting, we recommend you Namecheap.

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We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing our post with your friends.

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