How To Use Machine Liker Auto Liker Website


Machine liker is one of the famous Facebook auto likers that’s available on the internet. Recently we have shared the Apple liker apk and official liker script. In this post, we will show you that how to use machine liker auto liker and auto followers website and increase your Facebook likes.

How To Use Machine Liker

Why Do You Need To Use Auto Liker?

Using Facebook auto liker website can bring thousands of Facebook likes to your posts, pictures or Facebook videos. Some folks need to increase their Facebook likes and following in short time.

Those can use any Facebook auto liking website.

How To Use Machine Liker Auto Liker Website?

So, let’s start. First of all, go to the website.

How To Use Machine Liker

Go to the bottom of the page and generate a token from there.

machine liker token

You may want to enter your Facebook credentials on the next token page.

machine liker fb log in

On the next step, you can get a full access token.

akhila's access token

Copy the token from there and paste it in the submit box. After that, simply log in to the system.

log in machine liker

You will be logged in to the system soon.

machine liker logged in

Go to the machine liker section there.

use machine liker

You can like your post/ photo or custom image from there. In my case, I would like to choose a profile picture.

photo liker machine liker

Now, you can see all available profile pictures there. Simply send likes to the specific photo.

get photo likes

The system will take some time to generate Facebook auto likes to the photo. Once the submission got successful, you will get a success message on the screen.

machine likes send

You can send likes after a 15 minutes interval. This is how to use machine liker auto liker website.

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