How To Make A Simple Facebook Bot Site In Free Hosting


Recently, one of our users asked that how to make a simple Facebook bot site on free or paid hosting. In this post, we will show you the method. All you need is a working bot script and a web hosting. In our case, we are going to choose a free hosting called Hosttales. Hosttales is a free web hosting for beginners. If you are serious about your project, we recommend you Namecheap.

Make A Simple Facebook Bot Site In Free Hosting

First of all, create an account on Hosttales and log in to your cPanel. It will look like:

Make A Simple Facebook Bot Site

Now, you need to open the file manager there.

website file manager

You need to go to the htdocs folder.

htdocs folder

There will be two default files. You need to delete them.

delete files from folder

At the next step, you need to confirm the action.

delete files

After deleting those files, your public_html a.k.a htdocs directory will become empty.

upload files to file manager

You need a script then. You can use our own bot script from here for uploading. Now, it is time to upload files to the directory.

choose files to upload

Simply choose the files to upload and click on upload button. Soon, your files will be transferred.

files transferred

Now, check the home directory.

website home

You can see all the uploaded file there. We have successfully uploaded the script there. Now, let’s check our website from the front end.

facebook bot site

It’s working fine. We hope you found this post useful. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends. It will help us to write more related posts.


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