How To Host Accept All Friends PHP Script

Last time, we have shared the Accept all Facebook friends script here. In this post, we will show you how can you host accept all friends PHP script. Like I said in the post, it will support every free hosting. So, let’s begin.

How To Host Accept All Friends PHP Script?

First of all, log in to your cPanel and open file manager.


Make sure that you are in the public_html folder. If you are, click on the upload button and upload the script there.

upload files to the file manager

Select the file from your computer and upload it to the file manager.

file uploading

After successful upload, you can see your uploaded file in the file manager.

file uploaded to file manager

Looks like we have successfully uploaded the script there. Now, we need to access our website from front-end. In my case, the upload file’s name is accept.php. So while accessing my website, I need to enter in the browser. It will show like:

Host Accept All Friends PHP Script

This means you have successfully configured the script. The next thing that you need to do is, simply get access token and paste here. After pasting the token click on load token. It will help you to accept all your pending friend requests. You can get token without using a website or by using the Android token site.

Sometimes, the script will give you an error. If you feel something wrong, please change your website hosting or try after a few time.

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