How To Find People On Facebook

Most of us got a Facebook account these days. Some of us have more than 2 Facebook accounts. We know that in every second, a new Facebook account is creating. We have already covered a guide to creating a strong Facebook account. Facebook is an awesome social media network to get connected with friends and family. Most people who are new to facebook don’t know that how to find people on Facebook using the search feature. in this post, we will show you that how can you do it in some simple mouse clicks.

How To Properly Find People On Facebook?

So, let’s start. First of all, go to Facebook and simply log in there. After logging in, you will be redirected to your homepage a.k.a feed.

Find People On Facebook

This is where you can see the latest status updates from your friends and your Facebook groups. In our case, all we need to do is simply find people on Facebook. For that, we need to utilize the search feature of Facebook.

facebook search bar

Simply click on the search bar and add your friend’s name there. In my case, I am going to search for Jacqueline Joseph.

search on Facebook

Soon, Facebook will show you the search results.

facebook search results

Here, you will get search results from groups, pages, and profile. Because you have selected the category as all.

all facebook search

You may want to change it to the people section.

facebook people  search

After that, Facebook will show the profiles.

people search tabloid

If you wish to see their profile, click on their name.

view Facebook profile

On the next page, you can see their entire Facebook profile and shared media.

Facebook profile

If you wish to add them as a friend, you need to click on the Add Friend button there.

add friend

You will see a success message there.

friend request

If you wish to cancel the friend request, simply hover over the button. There, you can see an option for canceling the send request. Simply click on the link and your send request will be canceled.

This is how you can find people on Facebook. We hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, please consider sharing our blog post with your friends. It will help them too find more friends on Facebook and also us to write more related posts.

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