How To Create Facebook Bot Site In 000webhost


For creating a website, there are so many free web hosting available. recently, we have covered ProFreehost, Googiehost, and Hosttales. In this post, we will show you that how to create Facebook bot site in 000webhost.

How To Create Facebook Bot Site In 000webhost

How To Create Facebook Bot Site In 000webhost

First of all, you need to register on the website. Simply go to 000webhost and click on the signup button.

register free 000webhost

It will bring you to the registration page.

get free hosting from 000webhost

Simply fill those and complete registration. Then, you need to log in to the account.

login 000webhost

Soon, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

000webhost dashboard

Now, click on the manage website button there.

manage 000webhost website

So, you have successfully created a website there. Now, you need to upload files to the website. For that, go to file manager section and click on upload files button.

000webhost file manager

Now, the system will start redirection.

000webhost ftp redirection

Within some seconds, you can see the file manager.

000webhost file manager

Now, you need to upload files to the file manager.

upload files in 000webhost

Select files that you need to upload to the website.

select website files 000webhost

After selecting the files, simply upload it to your website’s file manager.

upload files to 000webhost

After successful uploading, you can see all the uploaded files in the file manager.

file uploaded to 000webhost

Now, let’s check our website from the front end.

download facebook bot script latest

Looks good. After doing all these, you must set a cronjob for your Facebook bot site. You can create your own cronjob website using the Easy cronjob web handler script or by using the web cronjobs script.

If you are looking for another detailed tutorial for creating your own Facebook bot site, check how to make a simple Facebook bot site in free hosting.

That’s all. You have successfully created a new Facebook bot site on 000webhost. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. Also, please share our article with your friends if you enjoyed the read.


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