How To Activate Facebook Like Only Bot

recently we taught you that how can you create Facebook like only bot in free hosting. In this post, we will show you that how can you activate Facebook like only bot and send likes to your friends.

Activate Facebook Like Only Bot

How To Activate Facebook Like Only Bot

First of all, go to your Facebook bot site.

Activate Facebook Like Only Bot

Now, you need to enter your Facebook access token there. You can generate access token using the access token script or without using access token script. In my case, I would like to generate one without using any website. That’s safe. For that, go to your Facebook profile page and view the source of the page.

fb source

Now, collect the token from there.

fb source token

Paste it in the website and log in to the system.

paste like only bot

You need to enable the bot on your account.

enable like only bot

Simply select both options there and save it.

activate facebook only like bot

That’s all. You will get a success message on the website.

like only bot activated

You need to set a cronjob on the website for sending likes to your friends. For that, check out this tutorial for setting up a cronjob.

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