How To Get Facebook Access Token Without Using Token Site

The Facebook access token is an essential thing for both developers and bot users. In this post, we will show you that how can you get Facebook access token without using any third party websites or codes.

Using websites are not safe these days. Most websites that look like token site are spam and phishing sites. If you really need to secure your account, don’t use them on your Facebook account. So, let’s come to our topic. For generating an access token, you need to go to your Facebook profile.

Now, you need to view the page source. If you are using google chrome browser on a computer, you can simply click on CTRL+U to view page source. For mobile users, don’t worry. Just add ‘view-source:’ before your Facebook profile URL.

Now, you will get some kind of code like this. This page contains your access token. Most of us know that an access token starts with ‘EAAA…’ and ends with ‘D’. So open the search bar on your browser and search for ‘EAAA’.

Err..! For opening search option in chrome for PC users, click on CTRL+F. Mobile users have an option in the ‘options’ section. Copy the entire token from there.

After copying the token, we need to make sure that our token is valid. For that, go to Facebook access token debugger.

Paste the token there and click on debug.

It will show the entire account details of that specific access token. That means your token is active and working without any error or problem.

Get Facebook Access Token, Any Error?

Make sure that you are on your profile page not on home page. Your profile page’s URL will look like

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