Download Latest Reaction Bot Script Latest Version

While we talk about the Facebook bot, we must consider the reaction Facebook bot. In this post, we are going to share the latest reaction bot script for every TricksFlare users.

Latest Reaction Bot Script

This script will run on every free and paid web hosting providers. but, if you choose paid web hosting, you will get the best performance. Then, you need to choose Namecheap. Namecheap is offering 3 websites on their cheapest plan with a .website free domain. Also, check our Namecheap shared hosting coupon for a charming 40% discount.

Like I said above, this script will run on every free hosting. As a free hosting, you can use ProFreeHost, InfinityFree, GoogieHost, 000webhost or Vimlyhost.

For setting up a facebook bot site with this script, you need to configure the MySQL database on it. Also, don’t forget to set cronjob¬†on it.

Download Latest Reaction Bot Script

You can download the script from here. If you need another script, also check this post. I’m saying it again, no Facebook bot will run without setting up a cronjob on it. Check our guide to setting up a cronjob on a website.

In the other hand, you can create a cronjob website using the Easy cronjob web handler script or use the web cronjobs script.

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