Download Facebook Like Only Bot Script 2018

Last day, one of our users asked about the Facebook Like Only Bot Script and we are going to share it here. You can get the Facebook Like Only Bot Script free from this post.

Facebook Like Only Bot Script


This script will run on every free and paid web hosting. All you need is a MySQL supported web hosting. You need to set cronjob on this script to make it live. If you need the best performance, you need to go with any paid web hosting. Namecheap is a cheap and affordable web hosting company which will offer web hosting below a domain’s cost! On the shared hosting, you can host up to 3 websites without paying additional money.

By creating a Facebook bot site, you can earn money from wap4dollar, or You will get too many traffic on your Facebook bot site. Using them properly will help you to convert all your traffic to pocket money automatically.

Download Facebook Like Only Bot Script

You can download the script from below.

Download Now
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