How To Change Your Facebook Username

Most of us are using Facebook and we are going to show how you can Change Your Facebook Username with simple mouse clicks. Last day, we have learned that how can you generate the Facebook access token and check the access token validity.

Do You Really Need To Change Your Facebook Username?

While registering on Facebook in some cases, Facebook will give you one unique username. Sometimes, Facebook will not give your username. If you have no username available in your Facebook profile, you need to find your unique Facebook ID. But, the Facebook generated ID is hard to remember. The most simple way to remember your profile path is by creating your username or changing the default username.

So, let’s start. First of all, go to Facebook and then settings.

Change Your Facebook Username

Under general settings, you can see the username settings.

Facebook username settings

Click on edit to change the username of your account. Now, you need to enter your new username there.

save Facebook username

It will help you to change your Facebook username. If you a see a username is not available warning, you need to try any other unique usernames.

This is how you Change Your Facebook Username and add a unique one. If you need something special or need help, you need to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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