Accept All Facebook Friends In A Click Using This Script

While using the Facebook bot, we will get so many friend requests and followers. If you need to accept all friend request, you need to go through every single profile. But, no more worries. We are introducing the Accept All Facebook Friends script here. Using this script, you can accept every friend request in a single click.

Accept All Facebook Friends

All you need to do is, simply host this script and submit token. The system will help you to accept all friend requests within 30 seconds. Don’t need to set a cronjob for this script. But keep in mind that don’t try to edit the core files. If you do, everything will be lost.

This script will support every free hosting. But, we will not support free hostings. The main reasons are described in this post. We recommend you choosing Namecheap. Using our Namecheap shared hosting coupon, you can get 40% discount on the purchase. Check our guide to launch hosting from Namecheap.

Download Accept All Facebook Friends Script

You can download the script from below.

Download Now
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