How To Generate MailChimp API Key

We all know Mailchimp email marketing software. In this post, we will teach you that, how can you Generate MailChimp API Key from your account dashboard. An API key is must integrate MailChimp with famous email marketing plugins. So, let’s get started.

First of all, go to MailChimp. It’s free, Just Join Now.

Generate MailChimp API Key

After that, click on the signup button there.

sign up mailchimp

After that, you need to fill your account credentials there. Also, don’t forget to verify your email address.

mailchimp registration

After that, simply log in to your MailChimp account.

malchimp dashboard

From the drop-down menu from the top, choose account settings.

account settings

From the Extras section, you can get API settings.

api keys

You can see all your available API keys there. In my case, I already have 2 keys there. Let’s begin to create your first API key.

mailchimp api keys

You will get a notification instantly.

api created

For viewing your API key, you need to scroll down.

new api key

You can see that, at this time, we haven’t set any label. Let’s set one label for the API key. Click on the default label and enter your own label.

api key label

If you don’t need this more, you can turn off this key.

mailchimp account key status

This is how you Generate MailChimp API Key. Like I described above, it is very simple than you thought.

Really Need To Generate MailChimp API Key

Like I said in the beginning, For developing options, connecting MailChimp with your email marketing plugin, API key is required. But, keep in mind that, keep your API key safer and don’t disclose it to anybody.

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