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While you come to email marketing and making money online, Sendblaster is a leading and most using email marketing software for email marketers to send unlimited emails a day. From this post, you can download sendblaster email marketing software for absolutely free.

Download Sendblaster

For sending unlimited emails a day, all you need is an email list that is active. We have also shared 23 million emails list here for TricksFlare users. Both will work well for you. The email list that we shared here is from the USA and all of them are verified.

If you are an affiliate marketer and need to promote your affiliate products to the world, also this software will help you to do it. You can earn more money by using this software and an email list.

For loading emails to this software, you can simply do it by adding all your emails to a text file and importing it into the software. You don’t need to type emails one by one.

Also, using this software, you can create your own custom templates for free. The drag and drop template builder will help you to build high-quality email templates in some mouse clicks.

Download Sendblaster Software

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