TricksFlare Bot Script Free Download

We are using some custom Facebook bot scripts every time. One of our users asked for our TricksFlare Bot Script and here, we are going to share it.

TricksFlare Bot Script

TricksFlare Bot Script will support every free and paid web hosting. It doesn’t need database configuration. All you need to run this script on a live website is, simply install token and set the cronjob on it.

For taking a token, see our complete step by step guide to generate an access token. Alternately, you can use this android token script for making a token website on free hosting.

Paid website hosting will give a powerful performance on your Facebook bot site. If you are planning to buy one cheap web hosting for your website, you can get it from Namecheap. Namecheap will help you to host 3 websites under their cheap paid hosting package.

Download TricksFlare Bot Script

You can download the bot script from below.