Facebook Unfriend All Friends PHP Script Free Download


Last time, we have shared the Facebook accept all friends script. In this post, we are going to share the Facebook Unfriend All Friends PHP Script with every TricksFlare users. While our Facebook friend list gets full, we need to clear them. You can use this script to do that.

Facebook Unfriend All Friends PHP Script

This script will run on every free hosting. But, we don’t recommend free hosting. The reasons are shared in our earlier post. If you didn’t see that, check our post Why free hosting is a bad idea. If you are looking for a cheap web hosting, you can go with Namecheap. Check our guide to host website on Namecheap.

This script runs with the Facebook access token. The link to take token maybe an error. You can get your Facebook access token using this guide or be using a Facebook access token generator script.

Download Facebook Unfriend All Friends PHP Script

You can download the script from below. If you need more related downloads, feel free to check our downloads section.