Facebook Auto Poke Bot Script Updated Version

In this post, we are going to share the Facebook auto poke bot script for every TricksFlare users. We have seen that too many people are looking for one working auto poke bot script for a long time.

Facebook Auto Poke Bot

This script will work on both free and paid web hosting. Also, this script doesn’t need database configuration. You need to set a cronjob for making the website live.

You can use IOS token or android token for this bot site. Both will work well. If you don’t have a resource to take a token, check our guide about generating access token without any website. If you still need a token site script, you can download android token script free.

Will This Facebook Auto Poke Bot Increase Followers?

No. For increasing your Facebook followers, you need to use the default Facebook bot. Here, auto poke bot is using for unblocking Facebook actions. So, probably you won’t able to raise your following while using this auto poke bot.

You can download the script from below.