Facebook Android Token Script 2018

Before some months, Facebook has disabled the default token generator. In this post, we are going to share the Facebook Android token script for generating unlimited tokens for activating Facebook bot on your account.

Facebook Android Tokens are long live tokens. They won’t expire quickly. So, you will get best experience with this Facebook for android token.

Facebook Android Token Script

This script will be 100% secure and the website administrator has the full power to control the website. We are hosted this script on a free hosting and we are getting best experience using it. You don’t need to set a cron job or database configuration on this script. It’s simply upload and use script. If you need more related products, you can get them all from our downloads section. Check Instagram Bot Script if you need to automate your Instagram account.

Download Facebook Android Token Script

You can download the script from below. If you found something bug or error while uploading the script, feel free to ask.