Access Token To Cookie Converter Script

For activating Facebook reaction bot and for other developing functions, we need to use cookies. But, how to generate cookies? We have the best solution for you. In this post, we are going to share the access token to cookie converter script for everyone.

Token To Cookie Converter

This script will run on every free hosting. If you are looking for a free web hosting for your business, check out VimlyHost, InfinityFree, ProFreeHost, hosttales and also 000webhost. This script is a plug and play script. That means you don’t need to setup database or a cronjob on this website to generate the cookie.

For using this script, first of all, you need to generate a Facebook access token. You can use this method or a token script to generate an access token. After that, paste the token in the box and click on get cookie. In few seconds, the system will generate a new cookie for you.

Download Access Token To Cookie Converter

You can download the script from below. If you need any help related this script, feel free to contact us.