We are pretty sure that you need additional help related to something. We will post the step by step guides here on our blog. But, some folks still need help. Most folks requested an easy way to contact us.

contact tricksflare

As a result, we have launched this Contact TricksFlare page. You can use the contact form from below to get in touch with us.

We will reply to every email within 2 business days. Our dedicated support team will definitely help you regarding your issue or question. You may also want to check our comment policy and about us.

When Using Contact Form

When using the above form, you may want to consider some things. We have added only the name, email and subject fields on the form.

On the name field, you need to fill your real name. Don’t try to use keywords as a name. Let’s have a personal and meaningful talk.

On the email field, fill your real email address. We prefer using Gmail. When you use temporary emails, we will NOT give a reply to those ones.

Simply enter the subject that you need help with, in the subject field.

Don’t Be Rude

An example of a rude email:

Hey dude, there’s a problem with your @#$1 guide. Don’t create *&%^ if it doesn’t work. I wasted X hours on this stupid thing. Care to help?

If you send these type emails, we will simply ignore them and look for some right question.

Will We Collect Email Addresses?

No, we will NOT collect emails from you when using this contact form. If you still need to sign up for our newsletter, you need to check out TricksFlare on FeedBurner.

Spamming through this form will be landed on an IP ban.