How To Install Clash Of Clans On Android Phone


Clash of clans is an awesome epic battle game for all ages. recently, we have shared the latest version of Clash Of Clans and about the gem hacking websites. In this post, we will show you that how can you install clash of clans on android phone without getting any error.

How To Install Clash Of Clans On Android Phone

So, let’s begin. First of all, you need to go to the Google PlayStore.

Install Clash Of Clans On Android Phone

Now, you need to search for clash of clans.

search for clash of clans

Open the app from there.

open clash of clans

Simply click on the install button. You may want to click accept on the dialogue box.

accept terms

Soon, the game will start to download.

installing coc

After a few minutes, the game will be completely downloaded on your device.

coc downloaded

Now, the system will install the game on your device.

installing coc in device

After successful installation, you can launch the game from there or from the main menu.

open clash of clans

Soo, the game will start to load.

coc loading

You need to accept their terms then.

coc terms

Soon, you can start a new village there.

start anew coc village

If you have already got a village on any added Gmail address on your device, the game will ask to use that linked village.

load coc village

Clicking load will lead you to the saved village. If you need a fresh one, simply click on the cancel button.

sreehari's coc village

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