Wondering why we launched this blog? From here, you can get everything about us.


Who’s Behind TricksFlare?

Sreehari Sree is the CEO and founder of TricksFlare. Currently, he’s working as a Microsoft system administrator on a private firm and love to blog! We have started TricksFlare as a college product and now it is powering up thousands on folks to do something on the web.

In most cases, we will teach you how to create a blog, how to make it and how to properly monetize it. While we talking about monetizing the website, there are so many programs available on the internet. But, we will only show you the working ones and programs which will suit you.

Mainly, we are interested in the PHP scripts that will create something new experience for our users. We will share the script (if we have) and the step by step method to create a website using the specific script.

How Are We Maintaining Our Website?

At this time, we have 7 fine folks here for writing contents (we are not accepting guest posts from third-parties). All are colleagues who love to blog!

The fine folks will create handpicked guides here for you. We are interested in solving something special. Get the point? Okay, let me gave this straight. The script SocioQuiz didn’t offer any detailed description for the buyers.

So, we have purchased the script from the official author, shared it here and write a dedicated well-written post for it. You can see our guide to make SocioQuiz website for more. Also, another one is BeDrive documentation.

How TricksFlare Funded?

We are finding our revenue from display advertisings and affiliate marketing. At this time of writing, we are using Google AdSense as display advertising and ShareASale as an affiliate network.

In some of our blog posts and pages, you will see a URL with /refer/ in it. That are affiliate links. If you purchase stuff that we recommended, we will get a small commision.

Is TricksFlare Free To Use?

Absolutely yes! We have seen that some guys called experts selling these scripts and guide to make it (actually, most of them are pure beginners). In here, we will share all the contents for free. We are not offering any paid membership for our users.

On our website, all are equal!

What’s Next?

We are always looking for new projects! At this time, we are planning to start a new WordPress theme downloading website. With only GPL licensed WordPress themes and resources. I hope we will start one soon!

How To Help Us?

We don’t need your money. We will NOT ask for it. All you can do for helping us is, report broken links if you found. That’s all we need. Also, while commenting on our blog, use your real name and email address. We will NOT store your email on our website or mailing list.

Using random or temporary email addresses will mark your comment as SPAM and will automatically delete within 2 hours.

Why This About Us Page?

At TricksFlare, we love transparency. We got nothing to hide from our users. As a result, we would like to show you why we launched and what’s the catch.

Without you, we can’t do anything. Than you so much for your support. If you need any help, feel free to contact us.

Your’s sincerely,
Folks behind TricksFlare